Nan Yao, obtained her master degree in agronomy from Jilin University in 2019. During her master degree years, she was engaged in proteomics research, mass spectrometry sample preparation and operation as well as maintenance of mass spectrometers. From July 2019 to July 2021, she worked as a research assistant in Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. She was mainly responsible for operation and maintenance of two mass spectrometers: Orbitrap fusion and Orbitrap fusion lumos, as well as sample pretreatment. In May 2022, Nan Yao joined iMarker lab as a research assistant.


Representative Publications

1.Liang Yang#, Weiliang Mo #, Xiaolan Yu#, Nan Yao, Zeng Zhou, Xiaolu Fan, Li Zhang, Mingxin Piao, Shiming Li, Dehong Yang, Chentao Lin and Zecheng Zuo* (2018) Reconstituting Arabidopsis CRY2 Signaling Pathway in Mammalian Cells Reveals Regulation of Transcription by Direct Binding of CRY2 to DNA. Cell Reports 24:585-593.

2.Min Tu#, Wenjia Wang#, Nan Yao, Changyang Cai, Yuanyuan Liu, Chentao Lin, Zecheng Zuo*, Qiang Zhu* (2021) The transcriptional dynamics during de novo shoot organogenesis of Ma bamboo (Dendrocalamus latiflorus Munro): implication of the contributions of abiotic stress response in this process. Plant journal

3.Weiliang Mo#, Junchuan Zhang#, Li Zhang#, Zhenming Yang#, Liang Yang, Nan Yao, Yong Xiao, Tianhong Li, Yaxing Li, Guangmei Zhang, Mingdi Bian, Xinglin Du & Zecheng Zuo* Arabidopsis cryptochrome 2 mediates light input to the circadian clock via blue-light-specific phase separation. Nature communication

4.Jinpeng Zou#, Liang Yang#, Yuhong Li, Mingxin Piao, Jingdu Li, Yaxing Li, Nan Yao, Zhifang Li, Xiaohong Zhang, Qian Zhang, Guanghui Hu, Deguang Yang * and Zecheng Zuo* Chilling-response profiling of proteome reveals new roles for low temperature resistance in maize. (co-first) Journal of Experimental Botany